Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 2013

Site Meter Why haven't I been writing in my journal? Well, I've been writing in the paper journal and taking pictures with the MagicSpacePhone I bought myself for the London trip. It's a phone, camera, e-reader, note-taker, and occasionally makes tiny hops into the future on a subatomic level. So, without further ado, February in pictures:

We had to replace our antique desks with cubicles. I pouted. Then I got to work. First thing, address the lack of natural light. Our office was once an x-ray room. I made a pretend skylight out of the fluorescent light panel.

I'm hell-bent on transforming the office into a rainforest cave of sorts. There's a small tree on the other side of the cubicle wall to my right.

Then it snowed, and Stealth was pleased, and I was like, "Oh, lovely! Snow!"

I helped my friend Ruth, since she had a knee replacement. then I did a little light reading.

Then we had a weird false dawn, thanks to city lights and cloud cover. This was taken an hour before actual sunrise.

Then the sun actually came out, and I was pleased. People in Russia were not so pleased.

During a break at work, I figured out how to do fishtail braids.

Then it snowed again, and I was like, 'Oh, boy."

KU closed campus, but I had to report for work.

snow literally falling on cedars
Then, it snowed AGAIN. And I was like, "Just. Please. Stop. Before the trees collapse."

Nothing to do that night but read and commune with Stealth.

KU closed campus AGAIN. I still had to report for duty.

Reflecting on how, even at 37, I feel like a teenager sometimes.

My favorite blizzard pic. No alteration, just a combination of lamplight and reflected city lights.