Sunday, April 14, 2013


Site Meter In lieu of actual writing, such as I should be doing for my classes, I present highlights from the last few weeks: Today: reading an essay regarding the Musee Cluny, realizing I've stood exactly where the author describes, and grinning like a fool.

Yesterday: walking around Hastings with Nick, after a day spent eating, wandering, and catching up. grinning like a fool.

Friday: walking over to the Spencer to see the Food Utopias project I was a part of, seeing my name in print, grinning like a fool.

Wednesday: an exhausting, busy day. the Kansas Union stairwell smells like a congregation of farts. I sit in my chair, feeling isolated from the rest of my class. one of the girls takes my picture for the London Review book. I look better than I feel, but my mood brightens a little. Courtney presents on number stations at this month's nerd Nite. hearing the metallic recitation of numbers makes my blood run cold.

last Friday: Middle of the Map fest. Nick and I walk around, listening to bands and seeing familiar faces in the crowd. Grizzly Bear's set captivates me. they have gigantic jars full of lights, encased in netting and suspended by pulleys. by turns, they resemble: floating jars of fireflies, translucent jellyfish, liquid fireworks, sperm swimming heavenward.

last Monday: I have several great visual pieces for the London Review book. in idea form only, though. I sit at my computer, realize I don't have Photoshop. I despair. I submit a page of overheard quotes, instead, after a futile attempt at corralling classmates with Photoshop skills into bringing my ideas to life.

Wed March 27: in Environmental Sociology, we begin watching a documentary about strip-mining, titled The Last Mountain. I despair for humanity. it takes us three classes to get through the entire piece.